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Buyers/Sellers  What Should I Expect From My Home Inspection

Please contact us as soon as possible in advance of the date that you hope to schedule your inspection. 

The inspection business is seasonal, and during our busy periods we may need 3 to 5 days advance notice to accommodate your requirements.


 1. You should plan to attend the inspection. You will learn a lot about your prospective purchase by shadowing us as we perform the inspection. Because our inspections include external and internal visual reviews of the property, we require full sunlight to conduct the external part of the inspection. This means that you may have to arrange for some time away from work if you plan to attend. Dress comfortably, knowing that we will be spending some time in the outdoors.  

 2. Ensure that your agent and vendor are all aware of the timing of the inspection. These arrangements are often made by your agent.  

 3. Although not critical, it is usually preferable that the vendors are not present during the inspection. Vendors have a vested interest in selling their property, and may have difficulty with an inspector pointing out deficiencies that they may or may not be aware of. In any case, rest assured that we are working for you and that you will get the straight facts about your purchase.  

4. Inspections vary in length. Depending on the complexity of the property, an inspection can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours to complete, sometimes longer. Please feel free to come to the inspection with any questions that you may have about the property.  

5. Bring a notepad to take notes and document measurements. You will be provided with a written report at the end of the inspection (within 24 hours by email).  Your personal observations may have a significant influence on your decision to purchase.  

6. Although your children are an integral part of your purchase decision, please leave them at home with a trusted person. This is probably one of the most important purchases that you will ever make, and you need to minimize distractions while we are together assessing the property.  

7. Please work with your agent to have the vendor provide access to attic hatches, electrical panels, furnaces, water heaters, etc. Home inspectors cannot move the vendor's property, and this access is required for us to make a thorough examination of the house. Our inspection is limited to a visual inspection of those parts of the house that are readily visible - basements full of boxes may conceal a wall condition like a leak or a crack that would normally be documented if it was visible.  

8. We will conduct a random inspection of electrical outlets throughout the house.  Where possible and accessible, we will provide an inspection of the electrical panel. However, we cannot conduct an exhaustive examination of the panel without turning off the main power, and this we cannot do as it may affect computers, health-care equipment, timers, alarms etc. 

9. If you wish to take photographs of the property, please clear this in advance with the vendor through your agent. Some vendors are concerned about their privacy and security and prefer that no photos be taken.  

10. Please review The Inspection Agreement and the Standards of Practice prior to the inspection date. These documents are available on other tabs in this website. You will be asked to sign the Inspection Agreement prior to us conducting the inspection. We cannot complete the inspection without a signed agreement. The Standards of Practice provide you with a comprehensive list of what is covered and what is not covered in an inspection. You should ensure that you understand the limitations of an inspection prior to our meeting.  

11. Inspections are not exhaustive: The inspection is not technically exhaustive and all-encompassing. The client acknowledges that, as a result of the limitations of a visual inspection, some detectable deficiencies may go unnoted in the inspection report. The client accepts these limitations. The inspector is a generalist, not a specialist in all disciplines, and may refer the client to specialist(s) for further evaluation of certain items. The Client acknowledges that there may be problems with the Property which will not be apparent from a visual inspection.  

12. Not Building code or by-law compliance: The inspection to be completed is not a Building Code or By-Law compliance inspection. The Client acknowledges that it may be necessary to confer directly with authorities to confirm whether the property meets Building Code or By-Lawrequirements.  

13. Cost Estimates: Cost Estimates (if) provided in the Inspection Report are minimum only and they are intended to be guideline figures. They are based on the most cost effective solution to address the problem and will not include betterment. The inspector is not responsible for the cost of replacement or repair. It is recommended that the client obtain at least three cost estimates from qualified specialists before finalizing budgets for any work.  

14. Environmental concerns: The inspection will NOT address environmental concerns including, but not limited to: UFFI, air quality, water quality/quantity, sealed/underground fuel storage tanks, asbestos, radon gas, moulds, toxins, carcinogens etc. The inspection report will also NOT address infestation by wood boring insects, rodents, or other vermin.


The client acknowledges that it may be necessary for the client to retain specialists in such areas to identify and evaluate these types of risks. 

No guarantees of assumptions or risks: A home inspection is an information service. As such, the inspection and the inspection report are not a guarantee, warranty or insurance policy regarding the physical state of the property or the current or future adequacy, performance, or condition of the property. 

The inspector will not assume any risk in connection with the home's condition, deficiencies, performance, or lack thereof. Legal liability is limited in amount to the fee paid for this inspection. 

The inspector/inspection firm reserves the right to review/inspect any items that may be the subject of a dispute prior to any repairs/alterations being made. 

You Are Strongly Encouraged To Ask Questions If Anything At All Is Unclear To You.


Payment is due at the end of the inspection. We accept cheques and cash.


We wish you luck on your home purchase.  

John M. Domik

Certified Home Inspector

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